about me


holy fucking bingle! :3 hello welcome to my site! you should sign my guestbook NOW!!! >:]

i have many interests and hobbies that come and go like the seasons, so this website is my snapshot of my life at any point in time. i post art, ramblings about music (check out my soundcloud!), and random little things that catch my attention, like slime! you can check out my moodboard on my site to get a better understanding of me.

i love working on my site!!! its so cool watching how it evolves as make new div classes and change them and move around my graphics. i love how the web revival is all about community and connection.

so yeah, my name is katrina and this is my blog... or whatever i decide to make of it. enjoy!!


i've had a big interest in mbti since like forever, and i've gone through a lot of labels. first istj, then intj, then intp, then entp, then back to intj, then istj, then ALLLL the way back to entp!! it has been quite the confusing journey, in fact the last two times i took an mbti test i got enfj and infj. nowadays, i am more than certain i am an entp! my ne and fe were just hidden after years of shame.

net neighbors

if you've linked to my site and want to become net neighbors, please tell me by signing my guestbook! i would love to see your site. my buttons are at the bottom of the page, so please download them and host on your own site. do not hotlink

personality tests

personality test of all kinds on the web! ill be adding more sooner or later. i have many, MANY victims to my personality test phase.... over 30 forcefully administered personality tests! :D

I am american cheese!

my gifypet :D