my yearly picrew evolution

i have the unintentional tradition of making myself in this picrew every year! here are my three picrews i chose to represent me each year ever since 2021 :]

this is me in 2021, and was also my discord pfp back then! i always wore my trenchcoat to school back then and dressed really professional. funny how i was dressing all professionally back then when now it's all changed!!

this is me in 2022! at the time of making this picrew, i was mostly hanging around with my then-bandmates and was doing a bunch of stupid stuff but hey, i learned guitar!! the picrew doesn't have a proper guitar but most people don't know the difference between a bass guitar and an electric guitar anyway. i also began dressing more casually as i experimented with my look!

and at last, this is me now!! i see this as a combination of my 2021 and 2022 selves. i guess this would be related to the concept of "integrating the shadow"? who knows!! maybe its not that deep and i just grew up.

whatever it is, i love this current me! i feel confident and comfortable in my own skin. my dyed red hair feels so much more natural than my black hair, its so weird seeing me with black hair! it outright looks wrong. i dont play guitar much anymore, which is why theres no guitar, but i listen to music wuth the headphones my boyfriend gave me all the time!

"Ylsuoires erom esnesnon koot ew fi ffo retteb eb dlrow eht t'ndluoW?"